Lee Min-ho’s One Episode Drama, But I Don’t Know too (나도 잘 모르지만)

I accidentally stumbled into this old drama of Lee Min-ho while I was searching about BOF, anyway, I didn’t knew Lee Min-ho starred in a special drama about delinquent students, a 1 Episode Drama aired by MBC February last year, not much details about the drama are provided so I managed to get some pics and the teaser from the Drama entitled, But I Don’t Know Too

Title: But I Don’t Know too (나도 잘 모르지만)
Airing Date: February 24, 2008, 1:10 pm, one episode drama
Starring: Lee Min-ho (Min Wook-gi), Lime (Lee Doo-heon)
Official Site

pic src: MBC, info through Cyworld


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