What a Stormy week!

As I type this post, I can see the sun shining in my place right now, a big contrast from what happened here a week ago due to the rains/floods brought in by Tropical storm Maeri (local Philippine name Falcon). It quite ruined my week as I have been so lazy already due to the weather **can somebody cue The Lazy Song please**

It has been raining since last Monday but the storm really brought lots of rain around Thursday and Friday, just my luck since I was trapped at home alone and due to the heavy rainfall, our house got some floodwater inside

some of the floodwater I’ve been cleaning inside the house last week

I have called our office for a half day shift for 2 consecutive days due to the floods – and I was surprised to know that our systems got affected by the storm and all that went to work got compensated by playing games/watching movies/videoke/bonding time with workmates/free food while waiting for the internet connection to go up. It happened for only a day but I did enjoy that long “downtime” haha. Luckily there was also a week long event at work, so it made it more poignant I guess.

I sang my heart out at the videoke station at work, regardless of the heavy rainfall lol!

The storm’s rainfall amount was scary that we thought another Ondoy will happen but God is Good as the rains stopped by Saturday morning finally time to clean up the floods and to start the week more productively so to speak.

I really hope for a productive and meaningful week for everyone 🙂 God is good all the time!


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