My Love-Hate Relationship with Sports

I’m not really a sports buff. To tell the truth I think really suck at any sport that I’ve tried; Swimming, Volleyball and Badminton. In fact back in College I dropped out of my Swimming classes since I believe I will be failing it big time, I just enrolled in a music course just to complete my units during the Summer class. Going to the gym is my only way to keep fit nowadays but one event made me try my luck again in Sports.

Our office has an annual sports fest were you can represent your department in any sport, similar to the Olympics but not to that extent. My manager was looking for people who will join the games and actually we were not sure on what sport to participate in. Suddenly my manager asked me and an office mate if we could join in one of the games, Table Tennis. Officemate joked that she would join if I signed up, thinking that for sure I’m not joining but I actually said yes. WHAT? I’m not really confident since I just played Table Tennis once but thinking that I fare better on it than playing Badminton, lol! So officially we are representing our department for the games. I’m quite embarrassed about it since I cannot believe that I agreed on doing it but instead I accepted the challenge.

Me and my teammate started our Table Tennis practices last week, after our shift. I even bought my own racket since I think I will be using it in the future. The first few practices are really bad; poor service skills and not returning the ball thrown back at me, affirming the fact that I really suck at playing any sport for that matter. Luckily my teammate understands and we were just telling ourselves to have fun instead. Our first match happened last Thursday. Sadly we lost but our manager told us that it is okay since we had fun and representing our department is already a big feat in itself. We decided to continue on with the Table Tennis practices since we have one more match coming up. Due to what happened during our first match, I was determined to play harder. I’m enjoying the practices immensely now since my office mates are now playing with us after shift, and lately I’ve seen an improvement as well with my Table Tennis skills. Now I know that I can somehow excel in this sport at least. I owe my teammate and my officemates a LOT for their support and I’m now determined to do better in the next match, regardless what the results will be, I’ll just have fun, that’s what matters.


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