Errands Day

Me and my friend decided to renew our NBI clearance for travel purposes in the future, especially in my case that I had to re-schedule my passport application since my first attempt 2 years ago (I was not able to get one that time due to work commitments). We just discovered that the government is now trying to make things accessible like getting your drivers license, applying for police/NBI clearance etc. by building remote offices inside shopping malls instead of going to the main office of a specific government agency. So we went to the Robinsons Place Manila to have it processed.


Here’s me and my friend Jo outside of the mall entrance waiting for our turn

After waiting for an hour for the mall to open and accommodate us, the whole process was actually fast and before lunch time we already got our NBI Clearance. You can access the list of malls where you can have it processed here.

Lunch time! We went to Brooklyn Pizza to eat. The servings were quite big so between Man vs. Food, Food wins this time

 And our food trip session would not be complete without some Serenitea! We tried the Taro Lover variant and it did not disappoint us since you can actually customize the sweetness of the Milk Tea and the add ons that you like to blend it with.

 After all those food and drinks we tried to look for some swimsuits for summer, what the heck are we doing after eating all those? Anyway we just killed time doing that to chill and relax. I really enjoyed it to be quite honest. Everything has been accessible nowadays that the only challenge is how to improve/maintain good customer service to consumers like us.


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