On Twitter and on Following/Stalking Your Favorite Personalities

As part of my never ending Twitter addiction, I can’t help it to be thrilled whenever you see your fave personality tweet something, as in the case of all Twitter users, we’re just human to admire/like people for whatever reason there could be and follow them on Twitter or Facebook. I find it awkward though that if people see a celebrity/popular personality in the flesh in a certain place and you post a tweet afterwards “Hey I saw @(insert popular person here) here at (name of place)” of course that popular person replies “That’s me, you should have said hi!”. Of course you should have done that but if you’re pretty starstruck at that moment (as most of us have whenever we see a celebrity) that would be a normal reaction.  Ever since I had my Twitter account I sometimes make a reply or mention some popular people in my tweets, hoping to get a reply but whether or not I get one, I feel happy that this is the easiest way to connect to them. I haven’t done it for the longest time but if that situation happens, I’ll be thinking like “Crap, will I be able to do this, especially when you have the chance.” *Face palm*

This is just a random thought for today…


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