All Day Breakfast at Milky and Sunny

After my first visit to Milky and Sunny a few months back, I still cannot help but rave about their all day breakfast meals that I said to myself that I’ll come back again. This time around, I brought more friends with me to try out their other breakfast specialties that I didn’t get to try last time.

Dining with my office buddies

So here are the some of the breakfast treats that we tried at Milky and Sunny for this visit:

Bacon and Spam Pasta – after this I realized that Spam can actually go well with a pasta dish, especially cream-based ones.

Bananarama – Pancakes layered with Bananas and Peanut Butter. This is also one of their best sellers.

Red and Green Bell Pepper, Potatoes and Sausage Omelette – The serving was not big as I thought but it was quite filling at least.


We ordered fresh fruit shakes to go with our food and they actually have a Blueberry Milkshake available. My friend ordered this one and she can’t get enough of it

They have also added more paintings made by local artists aside from the ones I’ve seen from my last visit. These items are also for sale.

The restaurant has established itself as one of the best places to get your breakfast fix anytime of the day due to word of mouth and good reviews on blogs and social media. So if ever you crave for breakfast again, make sure to check this place out.

Milky & Sunny is located at 9 Briggy Hall, East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter



  1. Hahaha… pinagtatawanan ako ni Belle.. ang laki daw ng picture ko Carla.. Hahaha 😀
    I love their Blueberry Milk Shake! I miss it already.. 🙂

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