Jawbreakers at Zark’s Burgers

Time for another foodie post!

One day my office mate told me about Zark’s Burgers and their mouthwatering burger offerings. Since this idea was inspired by watching Man vs. Food, we decided to go for it.

Zark’s Burgers currently has 2 outlets, one in Taft Avenue near De La Salle University and in BF Homes in Paranaque. We went to their Taft Avenue branch.

The restaurant is actually famous for their Jawbreaker – a burger made of Spam, Triple Patty and Cheese.If you finish eating this within 5 minutes, plus French Fries included as sidings, your burger is free of charge and the Tombstone –  a 2 pound cheeseburger with cheese sauce and served with 200g of fries that is strictly no sharing and if you finish eating this, you will be included in their Wall of Fame . As we are all girls, sadly we do not have a big appetite to do it, we tried these ones instead:

Black Mamba – A cheeseburger with fresh lettuce, tomato,  sauteed mushroom and caramelized onions and topped with barbeque rum sauce. This was actually good and I especially liked the Barbeque Rum Sauce which is their personal recipe.

Ultimate Burger – Burger with cheese sauce, fresh veggies and topped with sauteed mushroom and bacon. My office mates ordered this one since it’s one of their best sellers and they always order it whenever they dine in here.

My girls are all smiles after eating 🙂

All of their burgers are served with French Fries and Iced Tea. They also serve Hotdog Sandwiches and Chicken wings, and other burgers that I would like to try next time like the Deep Fried Burger, which is a deep fried cheeseburger, literally!

The good thing about this restaurant is their prices are really affordable, that students can also afford it as we noticed that they are a large part of their clientele. We actually watched a group of students trying the Jawbreaker challenge, but sadly they lost it. We were actually cheering for them to finish their Jawbreakers.

So if you’re craving for one heck of a jawbreaker, try the treats at Zark’s Burgers.

Zark’s Burgers is located at 2nd floor Archer’s nook bldg,Taft ( front of La Salle taft. top of Yellow Cab) and President’s Ave, BF Homes Paranaque (in front of Shawarma Snack Center) and you can also like their page on Facebook


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