Photosnap: Jumpshot!

I’m not a good photographer but I appreciate great pictures and poses whenever I see one.  Doing Jumpshot photos is actually one of my personal favorites since it is really challenging to do. It requires the right pose for the jump, and the timing between the subject and the camera/photographer is important. While checking some pictures on my computer, I browsed for some of my fave Jumpshot poses, taken with my friends and colleagues at work. Here are some of them:

May 2010: Laiya, Batangas during a company outing with my former colleagues. The higher the better!

April 2012: Boracay with my girlfriends/officemates

July 2012: Ayala Triangle, Batch 84 (office colleagues) Reunion. Photos here by Rizza Lana

Even though these poses are really hard to do, I think I should continue doing these jumpshot poses in the future. Let’s start the tradition now!


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