Photosnap: On Birthdays and Reunions

One thing that I like the most about celebrating birthdays and reunions is when you get to celebrate it with the ones you love like your family or friends. You get to catch up on stories about each other’s lives and of course more eating and partying on the side though I admit as I’m getting older, I don’t enjoy loud crowds anymore when going out in such events like this, just simple conversations over food and drinks and with good friends is already enough to make your day.

Dinner with College Friends a few weeks back. We usually plan these things a few weeks ahead but actually the better plan is to have dinner suddenly on random days and unplanned, it works out perfectly all the time. I’m glad that I see them more often again as most of them are usually busy with work and family life, among other things.

With my office batchmates. We usually have this get together/reunion everytime one of us celebrates his or her birthday (I had celebrated mine last month with another colleague but I just forgot to post it here lol!). Anyway this was with the October celebrants of our batch. I’m happy to say that we are all still with the same company after 2 years. We survived the odds!


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