PSY: More Than Just Gangnam Style

This post was inspired by a tweet that a friend/colleague posted on Twitter: Is there another song by PSY aside from Gangnam Style? The answer is YES. I know that Gangnam Style has raked a billion views already and has become the viral sensation of 2012 but PSY has other good songs that I actually liked better than Gangnam Style (I admit I got tired listening to the song as well). Let me introduce them to you guys as these songs are also my personal favorites from the artist.

Right Now

This is from PSY’s 2010 album Psy Five. Awesome MV I must say.


One of PSY’s older songs as you can see in the MV the Dance Dance Revolution reference. It has the hip-hop vibe too.

We Are The One

I think this song was created during the 2006 World Cup as a cheer song for Team Korea. The video talks about North and South Korea being united as one.

I’m not really sure if PSY will become a one-hit wonder, but he is a talented artist which goes to show that music is beyond language barriers.

Video Sources:


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