My First Run: Nat Geo Run 2013


I was never an active buff, except when I go to the gym at least 2x a week. Heaven forbid my activity due to my graveyard schedule but this fun run was way too good to let it pass. Me and my office mates signed up for National Geographic Channel’s Earth Day Run for the first time, not just to become fit but also because a total of 3 trees will be planted under your name so you are also helping the environment.
So last week we ran and how was it? It was not bad at all for a first run (we all ran 3K since that was the only slot available when we signed up) though how I wish I trained a bit for this since I felt small cramps when I ran but I still finished it at 32 minutes which is not bad for a first time runner. Am I doing this again? Yes as I think running is really good at keeping you fit. Me and my officemates decided to join again next year and in the next races to come. Will now start to motivate myself towards the healthy life and it feels good that you are also helping others. Like my friend said, hitting two birds with one stone!


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