Growing Old But Feeling Young

Being in my late 20’s, I can’t help it not to feel old for my age even if technically I’m really not yet THAT old. Maybe because of the fast turn-over of people in the workplace nowadays, I still remember the days when I was the youngest kid at work but now it’s the opposite where I now work with fresh graduates. I sometimes feel the generation gap during conversations in the pantry where there are times that I cannot relate to what young people nowadays are saying and vice versa.

Honestly, I don’t need to feel bad about it since I actually feel young when I’m with these people, because I admire their energy and sense of responsibility, and ideas that are fresh and can help the workplace feel much better. Ā I’m enthusiastic enough to share to them the beautiful things in life, inside and outside the workplace, and at the same time I learn a lot from them too.

~I’m glad to be growing old but feeling young~


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