Photosnap: Chili’s

We had our team dinner last night at Chili’s. We were craving for it since it was decided upon last week.  I have dined here once as well and I enjoyed it. Anyway this was what some of us ordered.


Their Grilled Pork Belly is good. I wish it was more tender though as I was having a hard time slicing it but still I liked it.


Dessert! Molten Chocolate Cake and High and Mighty Pie. Borrowing my colleagues’ words: It was heaven!


Frozen Margarita. I got the Strawberry one. I actually thought that it was salt at the tip of the mug but it was sugar. Anyway it was good and the serving for this was huge! It is their best seller too.

Chili’s is a good place to dine in so if you have time, visit them. We visited their Greenbelt 5 branch.


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