Photosnap: Korean Coffee Shop Adventure Part 1 – Cafe de Seoul

As I love anything Korean, me and my friends decided to try Korean inspired coffee shops around the metro. First off in a series of posts is Cafe de Seoul, located at Taft Avenue, Manila where most of the universities are located.  This coffee shop is getting a lot of word of mouth due to its cozy ambiance and the food, and I agree as you can relax here with your friends or study your lessons.  I will not let you guys wait any longer, see below for some pictures that I took during my visit.

20130810_153405Cool stuff. Wi-fi is free and they have tablets installed in some of the tables, which you can use to update your social media accounts, or browse their menu.





American Waffles, where you can choose any sauce or dip. I initially wanted to try the Belgian one with fruits but it was not available at that time.


A must try. Ddalgi Sonagi or Strawberry Rain in Korean, is a mocktail made up of  Green Tea and Stawberries. Very refreshing.


Rice cakes, the traditional ones that is. It is sticky and I like it since it is not too sweet.


And more dessert! Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake



Inspired by the Locks of Love, you may also post your love notes here or any comments about the place.

And their interiors, just love the unique concept.




I will try to go back here soon for their Bingsoo, I promise 🙂


Cafe de Seoul is located at Unit 12, 2/F One Archers Place Bldg.
1004 Manila (near DLSU-Manila).

Visit their website:


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