Weekend Warriors

This is how I spent my weekends last January… in pictures:

1522069_10202919175963175_1547332747_nFirst Night out with my girls, my team mates in the office. We celebrated the last weekend before doing the graveyard shift. Look at all those shot glasses! Don’t worry, I did not get drunk 🙂


1623713_10202983364607851_2140059601_nOur department’s first off-site event for the year, a re-launching of sorts, this picture was taken with my team mate (I was the one taking the shot).


1602181_10201413151947756_1604059670_oOur team during the relaunch. It was a good night indeed. Credits to Roly for this photo shared on Facebook.




1536585_10202980417894185_632080986_nMeet up with College buddies. Got my invitation for Sarah and Paul’s wedding. So stoked and happy that they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. And also, another longtime friend is back!


I’ve became a weekend warrior with these people. As the Year of the Horse just started, Here’s hoping for a fruitful year ahead.





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