Conquering Taal Volcano

This entry was supposed to be posted a while back but then I was too busy so I guess this is the time to post this.

I’m not a fan of mountain climbing just because I’m scared of heights but last Summer I got the chance with my friends to trek or to climb the smallest volcano in the Philippines, the Taal Volcano in Talisay, Batangas which is near Tagaytay, another popular tourist spot.

It was summer so the weather was really hot so even if the trek was not that long, the humid weather was really a challenge. That time we started climbing at around 4 pm, when the heat is not that threatening anymore. A good tip when going to Taal Volcano is all resorts near there offer a boat ride for about 1,500 Php for a group of 5. Then upon arriving at the way going to Taal it is optional if you want to trek alone or with a tour guide, which has a service fee of around 700+ Php. You can also trek by riding a horse but I’m not sure how it costs.

Since we started around 4 pm, we get to trek or climb for an hour and then go back down. The only challenge is you have to be careful of the horse poop which is everywhere and the other climbers who are riding with their horses. Nevertheless Taal Volcano is really beautiful! Sharing some pictures from this adventure.












I’m not sure if this will happen again anytime soon but I’m glad to have tried something new and it is quite an adventure for sure.


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