Lazy Bastard

A few weeks ago, my friends and I tried a new burger joint at the heart of Jupiter Street in Makati, Lazy Bastard. Upon searching the location, it all says that it is located at the basement and cannot easily be seen except for this sign.


We did not had a hard time searching it, just say to the taxi driver, Jupiter corner Galaxy Street and you will be able to find Lazy Bastard.


Upon entering Lazy Bastard, you will see the sign below, awesome indeed!


Loving the restaurant’s love for Bacon and Burgers


We ordered Hamburger, Cheeseburger and Sloppy Joe. The presentation is not really like other burger joints, it is the taste that matters.




We also ordered Onion Rings and Fries on the side. Loved the Onion Rings, the Fries however were a bit burned, but we still ate it.


Overall, dining at Lazy Bastard was enjoyable. I would love to go back and try their Hotdog sandwiches next time.


Lazy Bastard is located at Basement Floor 22, Jupiter Corner Galaxy Street, Bel Air Makati City.


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