Travel 2015: Coron, Palawan

Whenever I celebrate my birthday, I usually spend it with a simple dinner with my family and friends but last year was different, I decided to travel with my friends to Coron, Palawan.

It was my first time to go there and luckily got a good deal due to a seat sale and good hotel rates too since I believe, September is  an off-peak season.

I’m usually scared of plane rides, especially if the plane is a small one. Since planes that are flying in Busuanga are small and bigger planes cannot be accommodated, it was okay, the view from the top made this travel more exciting.




The travel from Busuanga airport to Coron usually takes 45 minutes via shuttle but we realized that the hotel we booked is hours away from the town proper, 2 hours to be exact. But nevertheless we stayed at Sanctuaria Treehouses for the next 2 nights.

The view from the hotel or treehouse is not bad, a perfect place for ‘soul searching’.






Since we arrived later in the afternoon and we had nothing else to do, we decided to stay in our room for the rest of the night. It got a bit scary though since there were giant geckos (or tuko) inside the room. My friend who was sleeping at the top deck of our bed had no choice but to go down and sleep with us at the bottom deck due to the gecko was staring at her.

The next morning we went island hopping. We met new friends during this trip, Vince and Dyuls.


Here are some photos from our Island Hopping: Siete Picados, Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon and Banol Beach.
















We actually had a bad experience during the island hopping since we were charged more or less 3,000 pesos per person. The tour was good but the food was bad, we only got one big fish for the five of us. Our tour guide told us that the organizer did not give them money. We were doomed and felt swindled for a bit. Since we already arrived late at night, we just ate dinner and told the hotel staff what happened, we were informed that this was the second time that this incident happened. We returned to our room, thinking that we will talk to the owner the next day and decided to leave the hotel for the town proper even if we still have one night left.

On our third and last day, we decided to talk to the owner and told him about what happened during the island hopping the day before and also that we were already leaving the treehouse to go to the Coron Town Proper. The owner was a bit apologetic and promised us that he will talk to the organizer since he is a friend. We took our breakfast and headed to the town proper where we will be dropping off our new friends at the airport first since they will be heading back to Manila. We somehow felt a connection with them. Sadly they have to leave and now we have to make sure we spend our last day wisely.



After dropping them off, it was time for us to find a new place to stay in. We found a good place, Tameta Pension House for 700 Php. A better deal I must say. We sneaked in another time for Island Hopping to repay what happened to us last time. We got a private tour courtesy of JY Travel and Tours for more or less 1,500/pax for 4 islands if I remember correctly since we already toured them yesterday. Not bad!








After we finished Island Hopping, we went to buy some souvenirs and then we proceeded to Maquinit Hot Spring which is bedside or near Mt. Tapyas. Since it was too late to go for a hike, we decided to visit the hot spring instead, Sadly I don’t have photos for this part but it was a good time to take a break and rest our sore muscles to end our last day.

On the day of our flight, we decided to get breakfast first at the town proper before our shuttle arrives. We went to Coffee Kong, a Korean inspired coffee shop. The coffee and the American-inspired breakfast is to die for.






Even if there were some obstacles, I really enjoyed this trip. I would love to go back again and explore the town proper and what it has to offer. Also I hope I could learn to swim better so that I can enjoy the island hopping more next time.

*credits to Anj for some of the photos. You can check her post here.











  1. Aww… I’m so emotional reading your post. I remember our struggle during the travel but it’s not so bad after all, diba? I really enjoyed it. I miss Maquinit Springs. And, grabe ang sipag mo. You’re able to cover the entire stay in Coron. Ako first part pa lang. Haha

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