Appreciates Korean Culture. Couch Potato. News Junkie. Wellness fan. Loves Social Media.

A former Barista now currently working in the Hospitality Industry.

Always a fangirl at heart.

I’m not a professional blogger/writer but I love to share anything and everything that catches my attention.

Welcome to my blog!




  1. Hi. I was bummed to find that the video tribute to Choi Jin Shil, the drama Jealousy, was taken down. Do you know where I might find it? I remember watching it when I was little.

    • Hi David! Thank you for sharing your interest about this classic drama. I’m not sure if the tribute video is still around the web since it was removed and I can’t find any links as well. However if you want to watch this drama again I was able to watch it a few years back on Youku. I’m giving you the link in case you want to rewatch it again:
      It’s subbed and dubbed in Chinese. Here is the official page from MBC but I think you need an account to watch the videos:
      I’m not sure If I was able to help you. I also like this drama since it was and it is still a Korean drama Classi

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