First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of posts here on my blog, I’m just too busy these days at work (and the ideas I initially wanted to write about flew off the roof!). Anyway here are some of the things that I did over the past few months…in photos!

Got to travel on my birthday and met new friends in Coron, PalawanCoron 2015

Had a catch-up with friends that I haven’t seen for a long time




Attended the wedding of a friend who got married on the exact date of their anniversary as a couple (10 years!)


Watched Lifehouse Live in Concert! (This was an impulse one but what the heck, I enjoyed it nonetheless)


20151008_205742 FB_IMG_1444572596640

That was it! I will try my best to write post more entries and musings. It is good to be back!

Weekend Warriors

This is how I spent my weekends last January… in pictures:

1522069_10202919175963175_1547332747_nFirst Night out with my girls, my team mates in the office. We celebrated the last weekend before doing the graveyard shift. Look at all those shot glasses! Don’t worry, I did not get drunk 🙂


1623713_10202983364607851_2140059601_nOur department’s first off-site event for the year, a re-launching of sorts, this picture was taken with my team mate (I was the one taking the shot).


1602181_10201413151947756_1604059670_oOur team during the relaunch. It was a good night indeed. Credits to Roly for this photo shared on Facebook.




1536585_10202980417894185_632080986_nMeet up with College buddies. Got my invitation for Sarah and Paul’s wedding. So stoked and happy that they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. And also, another longtime friend is back!


I’ve became a weekend warrior with these people. As the Year of the Horse just started, Here’s hoping for a fruitful year ahead.




Good Morning!


After the first week on the morning shift at work, like what my team mate posted on Facebook, we are feeling blessed indeed. Never thought I would be adjusting this easily, since I had the graveyard shift for 2 years. The only downside is the rush hour traffic in going to work and coming home which I rarely experience when working at night but nevertheless this new schedule is a breeze as you have more free time to do some errands or spend time with friends or loved ones.

It will only last for 3 months but the schedule is rotating so I don’t mind. I’ll enjoy this moment as I have it in my hands.



Spent the weekend at Lei’s birthday celebration.
It’s nice to be bonding again with these guys after a while. Even if we all took different paths, the family that has been built will stay. That’s the gift of friendship.

*thanks Cheenee for the pic 🙂

Growing Old But Feeling Young

Being in my late 20’s, I can’t help it not to feel old for my age even if technically I’m really not yet THAT old. Maybe because of the fast turn-over of people in the workplace nowadays, I still remember the days when I was the youngest kid at work but now it’s the opposite where I now work with fresh graduates. I sometimes feel the generation gap during conversations in the pantry where there are times that I cannot relate to what young people nowadays are saying and vice versa.

Honestly, I don’t need to feel bad about it since I actually feel young when I’m with these people, because I admire their energy and sense of responsibility, and ideas that are fresh and can help the workplace feel much better.  I’m enthusiastic enough to share to them the beautiful things in life, inside and outside the workplace, and at the same time I learn a lot from them too.

~I’m glad to be growing old but feeling young~